Psychic Readings and Channelling

What is it?

Reading and Channelling is a gift. It allows people with these gifts to have access to the spirit world. I have also been bestowed the gifts of Psychic Readings and Channelling, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient. I asked the spirit to allow me to have access to these platform to best help my clients.

Psychic:  Connecting to the spirit world and answering your question here.

Clairvoyant: You see spirit

Clairsentient: You feel the spirit,  connection to your intuition.

Clairaudient: You hear spirit and/or Spirit Guides talk to you.

How Can It Help Me?

Everybody has this ability. The ability to be psychic, its roots stem from our intuition. That thing that lets us know whether we should do something or not.

That feeling we get in our stomach that says I noticed something about you or a situation without any real evidence, and yet you’re right about it all along. Yeah, that feeling. You will also notice that people come to you for a lot of advice.

Most of the time people ask the wrong questions to the right answers. It is not uncommon that the affair of the heart is the number one reason most people contact a Psychic or an intuitive for answers.

Spirit is always there to help and must be invited to do so. The accuracy of the reading isn’t about what you want to hear, it is and should be about what you need to know.

When you come to a reading that I do you are entering a sacred space and therefore I become the Messenger and not the message. To the question is he coming back? or is she coming back? will more often than not, in my readings, be answered in this way. “Yes No” and most commonly “have you worked on yourself” Spirit loves this one, because, once you have done that, the question of whether the other half returns becomes mute. And Spirit finds interesting ways to get you to that conclusion.

How it works?

Firstly how I work, usually if I am conducting an hours reading I do not need your question/s, my only request is that you hold and repeat the question you want to ask me in your mind.

Also, I do not need your comments during the reading either. I do this for many reasons. Once my eyes are usually closed when I am doing a reading or I am looking down at the cards if my client is in front of me.

I do a lot of reading over the phone and there the same rules apply. My work is permission-based, which means, I explicitly ask for your permission to do a reading for you. It is important that integrity and ecology are at the heart of what I do. So no I don’t know what is going on for you until I get your permission to poke around so to speak.

Can you imagine me walking around with the 8-10 people’s lives floating in my head? My own stuff is enough without having the world and his wife to deal with as well, thank you very much :-).

One more thing about permission based reading. I cannot read someone else for you, I can only look at how their energy affects yours in any way.  The little branch of Psychic readers I belong to, believe that to read someone without their permission, is equivalent to breaking and entering someone’s home.

I do not help you to gamble or give you winning lottery numbers or any form of gambling. I don’t tell you when or anyone else is going to die. The answer to this is simple. My guides will not participate in such things. So I couldn’t help with that even if I wanted to and I don’t. Sorry.

Right now that we have gotten that out of the way, there is a very good reason I do not ask for your question when doing a one hour reading.  I trust my guides to connect me to your truth.  Also, why do I not want you to comment while I am doing the reading? Quite simple really. I don’t want any prompts or tells while I am connecting and channelling information. Apart from the fact it breaks my connection, you came here to get answers from me not the other way round.

Once I finish giving you the information I do like to ask what was your question and then I do what I like to call the ‘mopping up’ process where you can ask me questions, usually, because, after I have finished reading you will have a further question that has now come up for you.

I normally prepare half an hour before you call me and I would have gotten your permission, during the booking process,  to carry out a channelling.

What is a channelling I hear you ask? Well, channelling is where I connect to my spirit guides and they give me all sorts of information related to you that make no sense to me 99.9% of the time. Which is fine because it will make sense to you.

Also, I mean this in a totally respectful way, I’m not too concerned about what the information is. In some cases, It is not for me to make sense of it. Example, if I said to you red buses. It has no meaning to me what so ever. To you, it could mean my father drove a red bus and he said whenever you hear or see one think of me.

See how that works. It means nothing to me, but, to you my client it would mean the world.

In other cases, I have to break down the information especially if the information is of an insightful nature. For example, That warm sensation you feel on your left side of your body is how it starts.

To you it has no meaning until I say, that warming feeling you feel on your left side of your body is your awaking. Your left side of your body is your heart space and represents your feminine energy. I know you are seeing a spirit or you sense things now or know things about people they haven’t shared with you.

So pick up the phone or go to my booking page and place a booking I look forward to serving you.

The Divine In Me Embraces The Divine In You.

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