Psychic Reading and Channelling Testimonials

“EJay SOULGUIDE is an incredibly talented intuitive and empath. He works from a place of integrity and honesty. I felt comforted by his humble energy and positive delivery. He was able to pick up on my intentions as well as enlightening me to my positive pathway. I enjoyed the reading and would highly recommend Ejay”

Tanya O

“Ejay Soul Guide reading brought to light a truth I had not yet acknowledged and a thought I had been unable to form on my own. I sought his help with regard to confusion in my love life and I felt the situation changing almost overnight. They say the teacher appears when the student is ready so think about your question first, then be brave and give him a call.”

Best wishes,

Jennifer (London)

My first encounter with Ejay SoulGuide was very enchanting! he was promoting his business in my business premises. We connected straight away and soon we were talking as If we’d known each other for years.

I’m someone who seldom seeks external guidance, yet it just so happens I felt compelled to reach out from my heart as if I knew that I have a message to hear from him.  I found it fascinating that my procrastinating self-rang him that same day to book a session! The unique selling point about Ejay Soul Guide that left no room for doubt for me to go for it, was his distinctive authenticity, his passion to work from a place of inner truth, integrity and permission.

The reading coupled with some heart felt channelling has shed light on old emotional issues, negative aspects of relationships, and aspects of myself and situations I was neglecting to have the courage to face.  The experience was defiantly a fantastic tool for getting clear and some what detached for embarking on a journey to propel forward into the direction I’d like to head in with grace! Thank you Ejay Soul Guide for your wisdom.  “


Business Owner 



“I met Ejay Soul Guide at eight members club in 2016 and heard him doing a reading for someone I was sitting next to. I had never really been into readings and thought they were general enough to apply to whomever the reader was working with.

The girl that Ejay was speaking to seemed really shocked about what he was telling her which was intriguing. When he was finished I spoke to him and he began to tell me about my personality, what I like and don’t like, who I was in the past life and it blew me away. I immediately booked a reading with him and thoroughly enjoyed it. He was able to establish the crossroads I was in my life and gave me some insights on what to expect which subsequently began to manifest.

Ejay is kind natured and makes you feel at ease. His reading are very accurate and I would highly” recommend him.

Linda Mbagwu

Motivational Speaker London


“Ejay Soul Guide gave me a beautiful, insightful reading & highlighted parts of myself that I may have been denying on a spiritual level. The reading gave me clarity & the confidence to move forwards open heartedly without holding onto the fear of past experiences. Essentially, the reading inspired me to feel safe & protected in my own confidence.”



“I met Ejay soul guide a few months ago at a spirituality seminar. After a brief conversation, I asked Ejay Soul Guide if he would be interested in doing a reading for me. The reading was simply mind boggling.

Ejay Soul Guide has a very special gift, he is able to tap into the “hidden” parts of the mind, body and soul. The reading has changed my life and will change yours as well. I’m so thankful that our paths crossed and I’m a better being as a result. Thank you, soul guide for guiding me on my soul journey”


United States


“Ejay Soul Guide Ikonneh thank you for taking the time to firstly give one of the most accurate readings. I was taken aback by how much you knew. I also respect the time you took to break down certain strategies to help evolve my life process.. God bless”
Kim S Ramsey

United States


“Ejay Soul Guide thank you for the reading.You were totally spot on and were not led by me in the slightest.Having had many readings in the past I am impressed by your accuracy and the content of your reading and will definitely be having another one again.xx”

Sharon Mendez


“Ejay Soul Guide Ikonneh your guides are on point. A situation you knew nothing about but yet you told the story.
He picked up on mine also. Because he knows me so well, I chose something he would not know anything about. He picked up on it straight away. Thank you Ejay Ikonneh.”
JenJen Williams

P.A for a Director at TFL


“Anita Aggrey he is good….I’ve been to many and it’s surprising how Ejay picked up on a lot that’s going on in my life….”


“Totally impressed Ejay Soul Guide. I did not expect the accuracy of this reading. Bearing in mind yes we are fb friends but never really spoken and I told you nothing before the reading. Thank you again, I’m feeling enlightened”
Sai Spencer


“Just had an amazingly symbolic reading with Ejay Soul Guide Ikonneh! I’m inspired by his approach… You feel like your talking to a very wise & intuitive friend! Very gifted and attentive… I appreciate the sharing with him (((-*-)))”

Lacey Indigo Adigwu


“I decided to throw caution to the wind and take you up on your offer of a free reading. I’m in the process of reprogramming my mind and my spirit, and now feel that I would not be punished by God if I undertake such activities, as your gift is God given so why not share it and why should I not benefit from it.

It was a pleasure speaking with you and I appreciate the time you spent with me to ensure I got the answers to the questions held in my heart without telling you what the questions were! It was amazing how spot on you were. Thank you once again for confirming that through the storm will be peace.”

Great stuff xxx
Tricia Divachoice Blake