As a responsible Permissioned based Holistic Spiritual Practitioner, I’d like to make sure that I am the right person for your consideration.  My trusty intuition Spidey senses says that you are, which is why you are here meeting me at the point of your need.

My Holistic and Spiritual intention is to ensure that in service to you, it is important that I access you and your situation before inviting you to book your next appointment with me.

So during your 45mins consultation, we may discover obstacles and blocks that we may have to work our way through before we can proceed with the specific service(s) you may require. In such cases, I invite you to explore and discuss options which will assist you in your preparation.

Some things may need to be shifted before we can proceed which isn’t uncommon. So, for example, a Kundalini activation requires certain commitments from you or anyone embarking on this journey, which may be hindered by certain conscious and unconscious activities, process and behaviours.

While I get excited about helping people to achieve their changes and enlightenment, I am governed by my self-imposed laws of integrity, ecology and a higher purpose which are always present in the work I do.

I designed the pre-consultation process  (please see terms and condition re pre-consultation)  to support your needs in a Holistic and Spiritual way.  As a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner, I take your desire to work through your challenges very seriously.

Therefore this step becomes a necessary condition for achieving a well-formed outcome for you. The same applies to all the other services offered here at the Holistic Spiritual Practice with the exception of Name Vibration Reading and Animal Spirit Guides and Aspects and Psychic Readings and Channelling. No pre Consultation is necessary.

It will be a pleasure working with you.

The Divine In Me Embraces The Divine In You