Name Vibration Readings Testimonals

Happy Guru Purnima, sorry it took me longer to do this for you. I appreciate your time and efforts you’ve spent on me working towards being a better version of myself. Sincere Thanks with peace, love, blessings, prayers and best wishes.

Thank you Ejay Soul Guide! I love your insights and abilities to connect with my double barrel name which was hair-raising spooky to read. I walk around every day with some of the things you mentioned as well as the thoughts of some things which I’ve never been able to put my finger on!

I walk around every day with some of the things you mentioned as well as the thoughts of some things which I’ve never been able to put my finger on!.. I have done homework before on the meaning of my names, even though I have liked them, your reading was though

I have liked them, your reading was very unique since it was very specific to deep-rooted things that are true to my character, personality and things that make me -ME.

I definitely don’t feel alone now, knowing that there are other forces that know and feel my energy/character I’ve identified with in this life experience. Sincere Thanks for this gift of knowledge and wisdom. Blessings


United Kingdom


Hi Ejay SoulGuide,

That was spectacular!  You nailed it and it almost made me cry.  My father wanted a boy.  My middle name was given to me by my grandmother.  I definitely have two separate on-stage/off-stage personalities.  My heart is always heavily guarded.  So much more there.  I will definitely tell people about you.  You have an amazing gift.  Thank you….thank you…thank you.


Miami Florida


I loved my name vibration reading. I had no idea that my name didn’t vibrate very highly. The suggestion that you gave me to raise it  I really really love. I have to figure out how I’m going to implement it. But I will. Thank you so much EJay Soulguide. I’m so grateful and appreciative of you and what you do.


New Orleans


United States

Hi Ejay SoulGuide!!

I wanted to thank you for my name vibration reading!  I resonated with it deeply!  You confirmed things other intuitive have told me as well which is quite incredible!

When you said I am working with colours and crystals and mother nature it fits me so well as I am an artist, and I have been starting to work with crystals and have a close connection to water and find all of these combined are my perfect channel for connecting to my guides!

Also again to touch upon colours, I have been seeing colours more lately and again this seems to happen more while I am in water (in the shower).

The colours seemed to be right in front of me but I realised the colours were coming from myself and noticed a flow of yellow light from my left palm.

It was amazing to see and surely surprising!  I was excited that you should say I have spiritual abilities such as psychic mediumship as it is a direction I have been thinking about as I would love to help people in this way.

You also mention the strong past life and healer in me which are especially the things other intuitive had told me.

I have just started to have, what I believe, are past life memories and my entire life I have been interested in the medical field.

I suffer from an illness that doctors haven’t been able to figure out for 19 years… I have learned so much through this process and it was actually me, through my research and fight to try to find a diagnosis that has found answers and led my doctor in a direction.

I may have an answer soon.  I feel like this is a path I would like to take, but instead, I have a strong interest in learning Reiki for people AND animals.  So as you see, everything you said I connect with so deeply and it is quite accurate.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this reading. I now know as you said, that I am definitely already on the right path. 🙂

Much, much, much Love


United Kingdom


Thanks for the recommendation Alba. I have my Name Vibration Reading done by him as well and it was unbelievable!

MV Miami



Hi Ejay SoulGuide,                                                                  

Thank you for the clarification and your answers!  You said my names title is “Oksana a star gazer” and when I was little I used to get up in the middle of the night, walk up to the window, staring at the stars and cry. I felt sad and lonely. I always felt like I was from the stars.

In my session with Alba which is posted on YouTube my guides and my Higher Self told me I came from Sirius. I volunteered to help people on Earth at this time. So it makes sense that you said:” I feel like you are from the Stars where you draw knowledge and energy”.

Also, my guides told me about the rainbow healing energy I have in my hands and you said the same that I have ” spiritually strong healing hands”. I was told I will meet my twin flame who will be my mentor and teach me how to use this energy in my hands.

You said that my Higher Self is a light being and this explained star in the centre of my body. What do you mean by that? You said you see a star in my stomach area too. Am I connected to my Higher Self from that star in my stomach that way?

I do relate to the Eagle animal guide as I love to travel and I like to be on my own.
I have a strong feeling that those Native American lives that you mentioned are my imprints as every star-seed who comes to Earth to volunteer have imprints of somebody else’s lives to help them with knowledge how to live on this planet.

I immigrated from Ukraine to the U.S. in 2001. It makes sense to me that at a soul level I took on experiences from lives of native Americans. You are so right about me being in love with nature! I have 4 children. Had home births.

I do not vaccinate and I use herbs a lot. So you got it all right about me. You are right about me being determined as I always feel strong and firm about what I want and accomplish, no matter what the obstacles are on my way. I never give up.
I think every animal spirit guide has something I can relate to.

I received my reading from Ejay SoulGuide yesterday and it was very interesting and informative.

Fascinating information indeed! What shocked me is the fact that he wrote that my father used to call me a different name and it is true. I have never told that to anybody and he knew it!

He has a Divine gift of tapping into your vibration through your first name and reading all this important information which all makes sense and describes my personality, my spirit and my life here on Earth 100%.

The information on animal spirit guides is very interesting too. If you want to discover more about yourself, to know your soul better you would definitely enjoy your reading with Ejay SoulGuide. 😊

Oksana Buchanan 

United States