Name Vibration Reading Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Aspects

What Is It

A Name Vibration Reading is a key that is used to unlock your spiritual DNA. It teases out the link between your name and your life purpose. As you know when you are spirit you choose the experience you want to have here on earth.

Spirit is obsessed with the evolution of man and therefore chooses roles which will impact those changes. Being born babies we forget what we were here to do because we are born with free will. At the point of your birth, a name is given to you by a parent inspired by the universe. Now, because, parents too have free will they can unwittingly affect this process if the name they choose is affected by personal bias.

Your Animal Spirit Guides describes the energy supporting who you are, what you do and how you think. We all have Animal Spirit Guides some stay for life, some change or leave. Do you have a dragon as your spirit guide, what does that mean about you? Or are you more Shark than Tiger? The Animal Aspect reflects the possible negative attributes of your Animal Spirit Guide or shadow self which may or may not occur depending on what Animal Spirit Guide you have and the context in which they appear.

How It Works

I take your first name and tune into it. It helps me to help you discover your life purpose and/or recognise if you are living your life purpose. In some cases, it even reveals who you were in your past life amongst other things. The Name Vibration Reading connects you with the experience you said you want to have before entering into this world from Spirit to Human.

A Name Vibration Reading and Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Aspect reading can take anything from 3 hours to 3 days depending on the energy and how the information flow to me. I am a permission based reader so I will need your permission first before I can do any reading for you. All you have to do is give me your permission to do a Name Vibration Reading and email me your name and wait. And that is it.

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