Meet Your Trainers

International Soul Guide Light Worker Ejay SOULGUIDE PLR Dip is an accomplished

Spiritual Permission based Practitioner. Owner of the Holistic Spiritual Practice College and Founder of his private practice the Holistic Spiritual Practice running a consultancy helping people to come to terms with challenges and finding their soul purpose. Answering that question which is as old as time itself.

Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose? He also discovered the very powerful Name Vibration Readings Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Aspects given to him by his Ascended Masters. He has done name vibration reading for celebrities in the United States and People in the Personal Development Field. He hasn’t taught anybody yet how to do this because of its power and the responsibility that comes with it.

He is also an Advanced Future life Progressionist and an Advanced Past-life regressionist.  A natural International Psychic and Medium, a Kundalini Reiki Master, Kundalini Activator and a  New Code NLP and Hypnotherapist. 

Ejay SOULGUIDE created, opened, ran and sold a restaurant which was a project to honour his mother and sister who died in 2008 and 2011 after being guided to do so by his guides. After honouring these two great women, His spirit guides have directed him to build the Holistic Spiritual Practice College to help and support those going through spiritual life-changing experiences.


International Light Worker Gina Batt










Virginia Rounds Griffiths Triple Heart Transformation Specialist

I have been blessed throughout my life starting with a Near Death Experience from the age of 7 years to my present timeline working with many amazing teachers.  I had a deep and desperate searching and longing within me for something that I could not put my finger on and that lasted through till my late 30’s/40’s which was when I embarked on my spiritual journey.

My work as an intuitive/coach/energy alchemist is as necessary to me as breathing air. I feel so totally connected to Source energy and love what I do in conjunction with my Spiritual TEAM of various Ascended Masters and Archangels and of course through God/Source in conjunction with Mother Earth. A lot of my healing is intuitive and can come to me in the moment. It could take the form of visions/channelling/new procedures which I have never done before.

I call my version of healing Triple Heart Transformation. That umbrella encompasses the following and more.

As a Past, Present & Future Life Coach, working with me may help you find clarity and resolution in areas that may be challenging you, including your career, finances, relationships, a new home or business, or decisions you need to make about your future

As a Medical Intuitive, I scan your body and clear any negative imbalances that are detected to bring harmony, balance, and well-being back into your life

As an Energy Alchemist, I clear and remove negative energies from your body. I also work to clear houses, land, and buildings of negative energy, including Geopathic and Technopathic stress. Leaving your environment cleaner, happier and healthier.

Working with the Lords of Karma I also have the gift of being able to clear Past Lives and to clear Karma – but only if this is permitted by the Lords of Karma first.  Permission must be given to do this work

I also love to travel and explore historical houses and castles and if ‘permitted’, I clear them so the energies are transformed and transmuted to Source for their ongoing soul journeys – it is such fun.

Esther Austin

Former Corporate Professional and Healthcare worker-turned-entrepreneur, Esther Yvonne Austin, is a gifted woman who has managed to spin her talents into a successful business, while simultaneously inspiring others.   Esther’s passion is health, healing and well-being.  She is a gifted International Healer and Empowerment Speaker and uses these gifts to transform, support and inspire others.  She is also a gifted and qualified Animal Communication Practitioner (Horse Whisperer), Freelance Journalist, Empowerment Talk Show Host, Fashion Designer and Personal Image Consultant.

The Path to Ageless Beauty is the central point from which each aspect of EAG’s work stems offering products and services which support individuals who are at the cross-road of their lives. This concept allows clients to live life from a holistic place of expansive, playful, creative, expressive individuality. Workshops, Retreats and Private one-to-ones are offered in stunning locations and venues globally.  The Path to Ageless Beauty book will be published September 2017 and The Path to Ageless Beauty Photobook: Become the Adventure is now available

Esther Austin Global published its first magazine TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle: Your Well-Being and launched its first fashion range Butterfly in August 2017.  Esther also hosts an inspirational podcast where she interviews old skool artists.


Brian Walsh has a wide range of spiritual skills including tarot readings, palmistry, mediumship, psychic surgery and Reiki healing.

Like many psychics, my connection with spirit was forged at a very early age. I was just four years old when I began to see ‘beings’ from the other side – not that I knew where they were from, or cared, at that age. They were just people to play with. At the age of seven, my long-since-deceased grandfather began turning up in my bedroom and talking to me about the future. As I found out much later, my mother’s aunt had been a world-famous tealeaf reader in 1940s/50s Ireland.

From the age of four, I could see ‘beings’ from the other side and have regular conversations with my long deceased grandfather. As I got older I became uncomfortable with my ‘gift’ and buried it as deeply as I could in an attempt to lead an ordinary life, until the day of my 26th birthday when I was stabbed through the heart in a senseless brawl.

When not only I survived this brutal wound, but also over a few days managed to somehow heal myself with no medical assistance, doctors couldn’t believe their eyes.

I also began to experiment with other forms of divination, I gave tarot readings to friends which turned out to be shockingly accurate, and one morning I woke up and saw the lines on the palm of my hand speaking to me – an ability which I now use on other people to give them clear, detailed information on their current situation and their future path in life.

To further advance spiritually, I travelled to India in search of answers where I spent three years and set up healing clinics in remote Indian villages, offering my services for free to anyone who needed them. I also travelled to the Himalayas to spend time with several gurus including the Dalai Lama, and then moved on to China, Hong Kong and Thailand, setting up healing clinics wherever I went.

The next step of my physical and spiritual journey took me to the USA, where I established a psychic surgery in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. When I finally returned to the UK in 2009, I set up a healing clinic in Ireland. There I would treat between 8 and 15 people a day, using my newly honed abilities to rectify their physical ailments, pass on messages from departed loved ones, and communicate guidance from angels and other beings from the spirit world.