Kundalini Activation

What is It?

Kundalini is a latent feminine dragon energy that sits at the base of the spine. It has also been described as the serpent/ snake energy as well. Once activated that energy makes itself known by moving up and down the spine causing energetic disruptions as it starts to remove you from an unconscious consciousness to your conscious awakening. An activated Kundalini starts the process of you reaching your highest human potential.

The process is similar to Kundalini Reiki, however, you do not need a Kundalini Activation to experience a Kundalini Reiki healing.

How Does It Help Me And What Are its Benefits?

Like most things, intuition, psychic abilities are gifts afforded to every human being, Whether the individual concerned is aware of it or not is really down to their personal and spiritual development.  Your Kundalini is no different it’s your birthright and should be activated in everybody.

Unfortunately, a lot of people die without ever having their Kundalini activated.  This may have karmic and physical implications in their next incarnation.  However what is remarkable about the process is that people’s experience of a Kundalini activation is different. During the 3 day attunement, some clients see a snake or Cobra during their activation. Others see a dragon, some see a female Goddess.

I believe people’s experiences are different because it depends on what level their spirituality has evolved to at the time of their Kundalini Activation. This doesn’t matter so much as a Kundalini Activation is almost leveling the playing field beginning an amplified journey into a spiritual awaking.

The benefits of a kundalini activation are far reaching. It amplifies all your senses both terrestrially and spiritually.  It is also a whole body healing process. Some people have experienced heightened sense.  A boost in their intuition and/or psychic abilities.

It is important to understand and not to be ignored, that a Kundalini  Activation should never be activated by yourself. It should be activated by an experienced Practitioner.  Dragon energy is not to be played with or treated as a fad. Activating, awakening and inviting your Kundalini is a very serious matter and should be treated as such.

Some argue about the origin of Kundalini, it came from the Gods, it was a Hindu Guru in deep meditation who discovered the Kundalini. The one truth that remains is the process of the Kundalini for all those who have it activated experience the same things. A sense of power and an ever curious and expanding consciousness.

How Does It Work?

I would invite you to select a date and time to experience your 3-day attunement which must be run at exactly the same time each day. In a group session, I will select the time and date in order to keep things running smoothly.

You would be sent a set of instruction as to what to do for all 3 of those days by email. So please look out for them.

On the fourth day, we will be in a room together where I will be calling in 5 Kundalini modalities while laying my hands on your shoulders during the whole process. Only one of the modalities I will not lay hands on you, instead I will have my hands held above your head for about 15mins depending on the energy required to complete that process.

I will clear your aura and ground you and the process is complete. The session will take 60-90mins

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