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Is Life An Interlude To Death?

18th April 2017

The 31st August 1997  I think most of us can remember where we were on that day. The night Princess Diana Queen of people’s hearts died. Not everybody saw her as the Queen of Hearts depending on what side of the fence you were on. Some people felt otherwise.

There was certainly a national ache in the United Kingdom. A feeling that surprised the establishment. I am not sure that they realized how far reaching her love stretched or the love for her by the people stretched either.

On that day Mother Teresa also passed away and I remember thinking oh she going to help Princess Di with her journey to the afterlife. Princess Di as she was popularly known as left behind two sons. Prince William fifteen and Harry was thirteen who lost their anchor in this world. Twenty years later refusing to seek therapeutic help and suppressing his emotions. Ignoring the advice of his older brother who told him to get help. Harry spoke about how he bottled up his feelings and even spun out of control dealing with his mother’s passing.

In the end, Harry did and come out on national television 17th April 2017 to inspire other young people to do the same. To go get help when it is needed.

The transitioning of a soul which we call death here on earth seems to have more or less the same effect on people no matter what station in life they may be.

Here is an interesting thought. What if passing over to the other side was a lot more fun than being over here. I mean how much do we really know about what happens when we’ve ascended or transitioned. Do we really sit on a big cloud dressed in white playing a small harp? Is life really an Interlude to Death?

Amongst spiritual circles, it is widely known and accepted that we are spirits having a human experience. Choosing the experience\s we want to play out here when we come here to planet earth. We also choose how we want to exit this world also. It’s just that we have no memory of it so we are unable to let anybody know until it happens. The why is very simple. Some of us are ancient souls reincarnating, each time of our passing, in order to complete our journey, our Soul Evolution.

We also choose the roles we want to play when we get here and other spirits will nominate themselves to play their parts in order for you to have that experience. For example, my father was a violent, manipulating, calculating, control freak. He existed to help me create and become the perfect opposite of him. In so doing I fulfill my Soul Purpose by becoming and living my truth, which is part of honoring my Soul and its Evolution.

Have you ever looked at your siblings and thought what the hell, I don’t know you and never speak to them again? And then some well-meaning person comes along and says, blood is thicker than water,  you should talk to your brother or sister and makeup with them, otherwise your life would be full of regret?  Hmmm well, I have news for you folks, choice is thicker than blood because you choose to believe that blood is thicker than water.

Oh, and there is more. You see in the spirit world you don’t know every spirit that is out there. Some you know for centuries and you continue to meet up one re-incarnation after the next, swapping roles continuing your soul journey. You can be mother daughter in this life or a past life and in your next life become sisters etc. Some spirits you just don’t know at all. Some spirits are just complete strangers to you and you wouldn’t give them the time of day. However, they can choose your mother to be the portal that they come into this world to experience their experiences and therefore become your earthbound siblings.

I have four siblings left alive. One has mental health issues and judging by how close we are I can safely say we know each other from a previous life or lives. I haven’t done a past life regression on our relationship yet. It may be interesting to know how long we have known each other.   However, my other three siblings ( I call them my mum and dad’s children) sounds better than calling them, my brother and sisters. Yes, I am human too. I didn’t know them, and their action in this life is a testimony to that.

They are entitled to the roles they wish to play and I am entitled to not be a part of it and as such, I have cut ties with them and sent them away with love. We no longer speak. Now to some that are a sad story, however, when you understand how the spirit world works this is very normal.

So why am I sharing such personal stuff? Quite simple really, these are my personal experiences and they may resonate with you. You might feel like this is something you can easily understand and have witnessed such occurrences. If I can’t demonstrate how it has applied to my life what’s the point of sharing. Now wait a minute I am not encouraging you to chuck out your siblings with the bath water, no. What I am asking you do is broaden you brush strokes and expand what you think you know about where you figure in the scheme of things.

What are the meaning of your existence and the existence of those you love? If you understand how life and death works, how differently would you cope or handle the passing of a loved one? Would you celebrate their life and passing like in many African cultures do having a wake? Do you think if Prince Harry, understood how life and death work could he have avoided being stuck in pain for twenty years? Losing someone close and dear to you is not an easy experience and for a majority of people, it is a major change and adjustment, both emotionally and psychologically.

And just imagine for a moment that Life is an interlude to death, if that was seated in your awareness somewhere how soon do you think you could recover, or at best live with the idea that your loved one is in spirit near you and perhaps gone ahead of you? How would that change things for you?

If Prince Harry understood that his mother does not matter how in this life things played out for her, chose this experience before coming here. Whether she was aware of it or not. How she exited this world was less important as to how she lived her life. The love and joy she brought to others. Also and I suppose I am saying this without putting too finer point on it. How we chose to exit this world is a private matter.

My late Grandfather who died many years ago now at the age of one hundred years old, came out of his living quarters one sunny morning and called his people and family to gather in his front garden. He sat down on his favorite chair on his porch and looked out at those gathered before him and he said. “Anyone of you who has ever offended me I forgive you. And any of you I have offended, I ask that you forgive me.” The all agreed, he smiled, got up went back into his house stretched out on his bed and died. How cool was that? That was my grandpa known as the medicine man. In western society, he would be known as a herbalist.

As a Therapist and a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner shaking up people’s model of the world is a wonderful pursuit, because, the comfort that comes from a client knowing that they can move on without having to go through years of trauma is a satisfying expression for all concerned including me.

So specializing in Grief and Bereavement using future life progression is a great way for me to help people achieve peace of mind and an extraordinary connection with their truth. I do hope that at some point you and I make an extraordinary connection too.

The Divine in me embraces the divine in you



Can The Future Teach Me To Cope With Bereavement?

2nd April 2017

I was moved by this video of Rio Ferdinand. I mean what do we really understand about death? That mysterious event. What else do we need to learn that our current hypnosis prevents us from embracing? I know it’s not the kind of topic one wants to think about, let alone talk about over breakfast. Or even looking across the breakfast table at the missing space once occupied by your loved one.

It is incredible a number of people dealing with this one thing. Where did they go? Are they really in heaven or is that something the priest says to help comfort us. Is it possible that I can be connected to our dearly departed in more ways than I have currently imagined or given myself permission to?

What do I do with this emptiness inside of me? Am I supposed to get over the loss, like well-meaning people tell me too? Or that it gets easier with time. Should it? Do I want it to get easier with time? Who came up with that rule anyway?

If you’re still with me, reading this far, thank you for staying with me and I have one more favor to ask you. Can I have your permission to share my personal story with you? It will give you an insight as to why I have raised this topic and how I am helping others get through it.

My mother died of a stroke one September morning a few years ago the end. I never knew a human being could hurt so much. I never knew that my soul would cry so deeply that my organs were shutting down. I have been robbed. She was supposed to survive this, she was supposed to survive this, she was supposed to survive this. She was unwell, yes, but, nothing indicating that she actually had a stroke and would die from it.

When the phone call came it woke me up which meant she left while I was sleeping. In an instant, my physical world was never going to be the same again. All at once I lost our final conversation together. This had me in a tailspin for the better part of three years. Every thought seemed to be happening at once. Her leaving left me with huge closure issues.

I desperately wanted my final memory to be different than what I was experiencing. My finally crafted memory would allow me to move on with my life. Instead my last memories were my mother died at home and my father not accepting that she had passed. Left me concentrating on taking five days to convince him that she has gone before calling our doctor to report her passing.

I recall being emotionally unavailable, numb, emotionally adrift. Spacing out, going on as if my day was normal knowing that my mother was dead and still laying in the bed at home, waiting for my father to accept he has lost his wife of sixty-four years. I was her last child and we had a special bond and I had looked after her, my father and my brother who suffers from what many call mental health issues for twenty-five years.

I have always had to be strong so when she passed you can imagine my world caved in and a different strength was required which at the time I didn’t possess. The closure I was looking for was not available to me. Her last words which would have helped me move past the agony was unavailable. I was helpless to change that.


Words such as “You were my favorite child only you understood us,” “I am proud of you,” “Find yourself a wife” “You have made me so happy and I am going to the Lord now knowing that you took care of me.” Something anything that would bring me that much-needed comfort. So while I was in this emotional delusional wilderness and oblivion for three years it came to me like a spark of light in the dark.

I realized that I didn’t need to hear those words. I realized that the forty odd years I was her son and she was my mother it was all said in the life we shared together. The smiles, the laughter, the disagreements, the embraces, the food she cooked for me whenever I came over to see her. When she taught me to cook. The meals I cooked for her and the family every Christmas. I had experienced the words so the words themselves were not necessary.

Coming to that realization brought me so much comfort and peace. I was stuck for three years and that was all I need to realize to release me from my unconscious self-imposed bondage and emotional exile. Imagine if I had gone five years and ten years into my future to meet my future self. Seeing what my life would be like if you continued along my current path.

What would it mean to discover my best possible future by meeting the best version of myself after overcoming my grief, bereavement, agony? Identifying the very first step I would need to take to get me to start on my journey to my very best version of myself. So that today I can make outstanding choices moving towards that reality and outcome.

I can take you through that process. I chose to specialize in Grief and Bereavement counseling because my losses didn’t end with my mother. Oh no in the last eight years I have lost twenty-eight people, which included my favorite sister to cancer, my father to cancer, my best friend to breast cancer and another good friend to breast cancer, ex-girlfriend, cousins, uncles, aunties the list goes on.

This had to make some sort of sense to me, often our paths are fashioned and shaped by our pain, confusion, passion, and love. I have met people who are still stuck in the paradigm of grief unable to move forward. I can help with that and will help with that.

I will leave you with Rio Ferdinand’s video of losing his wife and coping with the future. Very moving and he just like you is full of questions about what to do next. What is best for his future and that of his children.


Understanding your Soul Purpose teaches you that you are connected and not just dropped off here without a mission. Who are you and why are you experiencing what you are experiencing? Is there a lingering whisper asking you a question about who and what you are? Is it your responsibility to find out? It is my life purpose to help you find the answers in a deep and profound way. Till we connect again. I offer my comments and story in Peace Love and Passion.

Ejay Ikonneh PLF Dip

The Soul Guide