Advanced Future Life Progression

What is it?

Future Life Progression is a key allowing you to access your future, yes you read it right. It is a doorway to meeting the future you five years, ten years from now if you continue along your current path. With this wisdom, you will be able to make changes as you come back to the now with valuable information obtain from future self.

How Can This Help Me and what are the benefits?

If a tree falls down in a forest a thousand miles from where you live, does it make a sound? A great question. What’s your answer, did it make a sound? While you wonder about that question allow your mind to be open to the possibility and consider this.

If you have never travelled to your future does that mean you cannot? Imagine what that experience would be like. I mean really grab a hold of this concept with both hands as you hear the sound of your own voice saying those words to yourself. We are not talking things of science fiction as there are many case studies supporting this amazing phenomenon. As a future life Practitioner, I have facilitated such extraordinary experiences as some of the testimonies on this website illustrate.

The great thing about Future Life Progression is you can ask your future self-anything and he or she will answer you. As an example, your areas of concern can be finding that future house or home you eventually want to live in,
Business decisions: Should I take on that employee or should I sign that contract? Will I still be doing this business in five years time? Work: Did I get that promotion? Love: Will I be married? Will I meet my future partner? and the area that I specialize in Grief and Bereavement. As a Soul Guide,

I feel it is a calling that I help those through this process as my own story of Grief and Bereavement held me captive, imprisoned and emotionally unavailable. You will find that story in one of my blogs.   Some have found comfort because remaining in a stuck state for an awful length of time robbed them of living now. Taking them into their best possible future the answers there unchains them from the shackles of deep painful feelings.

Some have travelled into their next life and discovered that they meet up with their loved one or loved ones again. The experience is different for everyone, what is your experience going to be for discovering the answer to your burning question.

How it works

Future Life Progression was discovered by Anne Jirsch who had been working with Past Life Regression for many years. She had two clients who over the years became very good friends with Anne. One day they did a session to together and regressed each other. They were disappointed with their results and thought it hadn’t worked. They saw an American city with a strange skyline and one of them saw two burning buildings.

They ended the session deflated. A few days later Anne got a call to turn on the television and what she saw astonished her. She saw the twin towers burning. As she said to me, “she didn’t realize that this was something until it happened and was unable to warn anybody.” At this point, Future life Progression was born.

How it works I your Practitioner will put you in a relaxed stated. Anne like to call it a focused mind. This is important because once you are in this state, then it allows you to access your future. It is guided by me your practitioner who will ask you questions which will elicit answers from your future self to provide answers, direction, knowledge, and energy.

The session can last anything from sixty to ninety minutes depending on how many trips you make and what your consultation highlights.

Mirror Room for improving health

“Make your way down the corridor, and as you do so, think about your life and particularly your health and well-being….

Walking Back Through Time To A Younger You

This exercise is useful if you have an age-related health issue or perhaps you simply want to rejuvenate yourself to feel and look younger. You will journey back….

Future Lifetime With Your Loved One

This is for people who have lost a loved one, who has passed over and want to connect to them in order to be at peace with the passing of a loved one.

Male or Female Lineage

This is for issues or problems who have issues that run down one side of the family, male or female side such as, “all the men do that in his family” or “all the women in her family suffer from that”

Meeting your future self

Any opportunity to meet a future you in another future lifetime asking questions you can bring back answers. This can be up to a 3 step process requiring 3 sessions or more.

Your Future Home

This technique takes you on a journey to finding a new home, where you wish to move to and the deeper the connection the more information you will get.

The Rich You Castle

This session is about you thinking about how you would like to be more abundant and what that means to you and then move towards it.

The Crystal Tower

This tower relates to discovering your best possible future.

The Buggy

This is cool you go out into your future look at the outcome of a decision you just made and if it’s not what you want you came back to the now and fine tune it.

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