Advanced Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression

I wanted to know if what I was doing now was going to be my current business in the future and if it was was it going to give me my financial freedom.

It took a while for me to relax once Ejay Soul Guide started to use focused relaxation to get me to connect to my future self. Just because it was all new to me. He first took me out five years into my future and landed in an open field. I look around and saw a cottage in the distance. Ejay Soul Guide suggested that I walk towards it. The more I did the further away it moved from me. So he then took me forward another five years taking me ten years into my future and as I was landing everything around me started changing. It amazing really.

I landed in a city. I could see tall building around me. Ejay asked me “what else I can see” and I saw a bench next to a bin. I thought oh no I am a tramp. He then asked if I can see myself. I said no so he told me to invite her in and suddenly there she was sitting on the bench. She was dressed in a suit and smiling at me. So not a tramp. To cut a long story short. She told me that I wouldn’t get rich doing the business I am currently in.

She told me I would be involved in travel and setting up some sort of travel business and that is where my happiness will be. I asked her more questions around when this was all going to take place and in true future Vanessa style she smiled and refused to answer. Nice to know that some things haven’t changed there. I came out of it all feeling astonished and chatty about what I had just experienced and Ejay Soul Guide let me talk away.

The following day I called him to tell him about a conversation I had with a Facebook friend I met recently. I eventually asked my Facebook friend what he does for a living and he said…wait for it. I help people set up travel agencies. I know to shut the front door.

What a trip. I am so excited. I recommend when you get the opportunity now book a Future Life Session with Ejay Soul Guide

Ness Nadira-Saqui Harding