Awakening Workshop

“As cosmic energies and divine realms strive to reshape the consciousness of man, certain meridians within the human body begin to stir, creating a vibrational change in the molecular structure of the human architecture. Mother Earth, being an accomplice in this struggle for human evolution, subtly plays her part in this ancient agreement by increasing her planetary rotation, communing with higher thought forms of the universe in a bid to usher in mans’ long overdue actualisation. The breaking free of restricted thoughts and actions shaped by centuries-old limited human constructs, dogma, miseducation and misunderstanding of Divinity moves ever slowly but surely to its end. As these illusions fall away what remains are the tacit connections and portals of an experience called the AWAKENING.”

Some people realise that something about them is changing, but they are not too sure and would tend to ignore these strange occurrences. For others, the awakening is far more dramatic. In either case, if these changes are misunderstood by you the awakening becomes more of a terrifying proposition rather than an exciting event.

On the workshop you will discover and explore;

Introduction to your Awakening experience. The WHY Me question.

What certain sensations mean and why they are occurring for you

The importance of grounding and how and why you should do it effectively.

How your lifestyle can and will be impacted by these changes

Ecology and Integrity your new responsibilities

What your gifts mean about you and your possible paths

Intuitions, a beginners guide and much more.

The Awakening is a 2 Hour Workshop.   This workshop is run only once a year and specifically designed for people with questions. The kind of questions you have had to keep secret because you have begun to see, hear and feel things spiritually. Keen to find and embrace elusive answers. Happy to discover concrete guidance with this life-changing process.  As this is a journey rather than a destination where required aftercare is offered.

Workshop Date: 27th January 2018

Suitable for all levels

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