Welcome to the Holistic Spiritual Practice Website. We offer a range of specifically targeted services for your wellbeing. Offering a personal consultation on a one to one basis. We are located in London and have various means and platforms to share our service with you. Contact us today for further details.

Please select the services tab and select the treatment from the drop-down menu that connects to you. An easier option-click the links below to access the same services directly.

This includes the very powerful and far-reaching Name Vibration Readings Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Aspects, How many people have visited or lived in your current home over the decades. What energies have they brought with them? Spiritual House Clearing.

What delights does your unconscious mind have to offer you? What habits and behaviours need changing now that they no longer serve you in the long term. In the short term, they were great allies now you call them problems. Hypnotherapy helps with this.

Can you really time travel? or is it a thing of fiction? Are you looking for love, fitness, weight loss, business etc If you could meet your future self what would be your most burning question? Advanced Future Life Progression answers these question for you.

You have challenges today and it feels ancient, or old stuff. Could it be a past life issue and if it is what would you like to do about it, learn from it? Advanced Past Life Progression.

Do you want a complete body healing system? This healing intelligence finds the spaces between the spaces to heal correct elements that haven’t bedded in and energetically repairs and clears welcome to Kundalini Reiki.

This is your birthright, while the human architecture remains unplugged activating your kundalini begins the process of higher self-acknowledgement and other realms connection to personal power Kundalini Activation.

Sometimes we are just to close to the challenges we create for ourselves and require clarity. Confusion is a great place to be because beyond confusion is clarity and answers and Psychic Reading and Channelling gifts you that insight.